Outsourced employees not paid salaries for 5 months

Hyderabad: Nearly 80,000 outsourcing employees are not getting salaries for the last five months across the state. All the district administrations and other hiring departments renewed the services of outsourcing employees for the year 2019-20 too.

However, the government is not clearing the salaries of outsourcing employees for the last five months. In some departments such as Revenue, the government is yet to clear the salaries of the employees for the last eight months, it is learned. Saidulu, an outsourcing employee with the Revenue Department from Suryapet district lamented that he was not getting the salary for the last 8 months. He said that he has no option but to work in the present position to lead his life.

 According to sources, renewal authority officers have to renew an outsourcing agency’s services every year. But, this year, the concerned officers have been harassing agency organisers in the name of various documents. As per rules, all the agencies must submit the previous year’s payment to the renewal authority officer.

The outsourcing employees are more in departments like Municipal, Health and Panchayat Raj. The Finance Department is not clearing the bills of outsourcing employees due to lack of funds.

The pending amount is about Rs 150 crore. The sources said that the Finance Department is concentrated on clearing the Rythu Bandhu funds as of now. CITU state secretary Paladugu Bhaskar said that the government has to clear the salaries of the outsourcing employees as their families are depended on them. It is not correct on the part of the government to stop the salaries for the last five months in the name of a lack of funds.

The government has to lift the freezing on the treasury in regard to the salaries of outsourcing employees, he added. An outsourcing employee from Hyderabad expressed concern saying that the government may remove them from the services and as part of it the government is adopting delaying tactics in giving salaries.

Authored by Mohammed Hussain