Out of 180 Million Indian Muslims, only 108 joined IS: Ex-Intelligence Bureau chief

New Delhi: The basic notion about Muslims in India or the Western-European countries is that, they are all – ‘terrorists’, but contradictory to this false notion, the fact is, this misconception of Muslims can be best termed as “ISLAMOPHOBIA” that has taken over the whole world as we know it, because of some inhuman people who have not only insulted the religion by their evil actions but have also disregarded their religion’s basic principles.

Speaking of Indian Muslims, according to recent statistics there are currently 180 million Muslims living in India alone and of these 180 Million Muslims, only 108 Muslims are reported to have joined Islamic State said Former Intelligence Bureau director Syed Asif Ibrahim who retired as IB Chief in 2014, TOI reports.

Adressing a seminar on ‘Cooperation against Radicalisation and Terrorism between UAE and India’ which was organised by Policy Perspectives Foundation in collaboration Abu Dhabi-based thinktank Emirates Policy Group on Friday Mr Ibrahim said: “As a result of the Sufistic and non-Salafi nature of Islam in India as well as the existence of a strong and vibrant democracy, only about 108 Indian Muslims joined ISIS which is 0.000058% of India’s 180 million Muslims. Of these 108, 50% of joinees went from the diaspora in West Asia…the ones exposed to Salafi radicals. 40% went from the coastal region in India, which was the recipient of Shafaiyei Islam, which came via the sea,”

“The more religious you are the more fundamentalist you are is the current narrative, but this was proven wrong by UK’s security agencies, which interviewed ISIL (ISIS) returnees. Almost 90% returnees had little knowledge of religion. Strong religious education acts as a bulwark against radicalisation. So much so that in many madrasas in India, CVE (countering violent extremism) is a key chapter in most religious texts,” he pointed out.

Former IB chief P C Haldar associated with Policy Perspectives Foundation, also a speaker at the conference said UAE’s counter radicalization approach is of special interest as it stands a lone Islamic nation from where nobody had joined the IS.

Adding to his speech, he has given credit to UAE’s quicker justice delivery system and effective legal mechanisms, he said India is trying to devise ideas on the need for a counter-radicalisation policy for the nation.

“We will have further sessions in other parts of the country before we reach any conclusion,” he said.