‘Our New Year resolution is to wage jihad against the 4 ills’: PM Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: The new year will be the beginning of Pakistan’s golden era says Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday as he vowed to address the perpetual issues of poverty, illiteracy, injustice and corruption in 2019.

He took to on Twitter to greet people and share his New Year resolution, Mr Khan tweeted “Our New Year resolution is to wage jihad against the 4 ills of our country: poverty, illiteracy, injustice and corruption.”

He further said that “InshaAllah (God willing) 2019 is the beginning of Pakistan’s golden era.”

As a New Year gift, Mr Khan’s government also cut petroleum prices. The new price of petrol will be Rs90.97, while that of high-speed diesel (HSD) used in trucks and buses etc will be Rs106.68 per litre.

Mr Khan’s government came to power in August taking the pledge of creating new Pakistan but so far struggled to give any major relief to the public. His pledge to start constructing 5 million houses for low-income groups in the first 100 days is nowhere in sight.

The Chief Justice on Monday criticised the government for putting 172 people, including chief minister of Sindh region on a no-fly list after a probe into fake accounts.