Our govt. wants to grow beyond casteism: Adityanath

Etawah: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday said that his government wants to grow beyond the caste system.

Addressing a public rally in Etawah, he said, “Our government wants to grow beyond this caste-system. We want the poor, youth, women, farmers, Dalits, everyone to reap benefits from the development schemes. Today, when all of these people are reaping benefits from these schemes, some people can’t digest it,” he said.

He further hit out at the opposition, saying they have clubbed together against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and are trying to obstruct their path to development.

“On one hand, Prime Minister Modi is bringing development schemes for the nation. On the other hand, all these separatists, Naxalites, corrupt individuals, all these people who don’t want the nation to develop, have joined hands and are trying to stop the Prime Minister,” Adityanath added.

The Chief Ministers also talked about one year of his government, whiles comparing it with the previous governments.

“We don’t take bribe for recruitments, we don’t discriminate between people. We are working towards the development of people and connecting people to reap benefits of the schemes laid down by the government,” he added.

Earlier today, the Chief Minister also paid a surprise visit to BR Ambedkar District Hospital here. (ANI)