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OU Centenary celebrations: Test of love for Urdu of Govt.

OU Centenary celebrations: Test of love for Urdu of Govt.

Hyderabad: The first Urdu medium university, Osmania was established in 1917. It is celebrating its centenary this year. Osmania University was established with the main objective of imparting higher education through the medium of Urdu and its logo contained words in Urdu. The Andhra rulers omitted Urdu words from its logo which is a deliberate attempt of hostile attitude towards Urdu.

Mr. KCR who has all praise for the Nizam and rule makes a point to mention the good deeds of former Nizam of Hyderabad whenever there is an occasion.

Many Osmanians and Professors of the university met the Vice Chancellor and requested him to change the present emblem of the university with the old one. The old emblem contained the crown of Nizam on which Arabic inscriptions and Hadith “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate” were written.

The lower part of old emblem contained Urdu words “Jamia Osmania” which has been dropped in the new emblem replacing it by “Osmania Vishwa Vidyalaya” in Telugu. The hadith has also been replaced by Sanskrit “Tamasuma Jyotirgamay”. Only the Urdu letter “ع” was retained. Osmania University is identified with this letter perhaps due to this reason the authorities did not dare to remove it. After independence only two Muslims held the post of Vice Chancellor whereas till 1952, there were 10 Muslims VCs.

It is the test of Govt. of Telangana whether it restores the old emblem or not?

–Siasat News