Otomo Marketing Scholarship 2017

Otomo invites applications for Otomo Marketing Scholarship 2017 from undergraduate and postgraduate students with creative mind and passion for jewelry or writing.

The participants need to submit a written piece on the topic ‘How the Internet has Changed Marketing in the Past 20 Years’ to avail this scholarship program.

Students currently studying at college/university/high school are eligible to apply.Students in the field of Marketing, Business, Art and Design, IT or Communications can apply.

Students having a passion for content creation and willing to work in an online business are eligible.

How to apply:

The application can be submitted through email by following thesesteps:

Step 1: Write and save your essay in pdf file format, if having a personal website or blog, include the link to it.

Step 2: Send the complete essay to jonathan@mypearls.co.uk with the following details.Personal details such as name, phone number, and addressInstitute’s name where studying right nowArea of studyPhotocopy of the Student ID card.