Osmania University: Nizam VII finalized the logo– Here’re the other unknown facts

Hyderabad: The logo of Osmania University was finalized by Nizam Mir Osman Ali. He had chosen the logo from the four public opinions which were received by the then administration.

On Saturday, at an event organized at Salar Jung Museum, noted architect, Mr. Khalid Mohiuddin said that the other three opinions had Charminar in the place of “Aain”, Telangana Today reported.

Mr. Mohiuddin also said that the Nizam was actively involved in every aspect of the university.

Nizam had spent 11 per cent of the total budget of the State on Education, Mr. Mohiuddin added.

Highlighting secularism, Mr. Mohinuddin said that the Nizam had ensured that the university building does not reflect any particular religious sign. Style of the building is based on Ajanta, Ellora and pillars.

It may be mentioned that its old logo contained Quranic verse and a tradition of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) which highlighted the importance of the acquisition of knowledge.

Over a period of time, Urdu and Arabic inscriptions were replaced by Telugu and Hindi texts in the logo.