Osmania hospital docs perform rare surgery on 30-year-old woman

Hyderabad: A team of doctors at the Osmania General Hospital (OGH) successfully performed a rare surgery of ‘Diaphragmatic Hernia with Gastric Volvolus’ on a 30-year-old woman, who recovered within 10 days after the operation. 

According to doctors involved in the procedure, 30-year-old Lavanya, a housewife and native of Kamareddy in Nizamabad district, was diagnosed with a rare condition wherein the abdomen had deformities. The patient was admitted in the hospital with her lungs shortened and her heart had also shifted to the right side of her chest. 

This case was medically challenging for doctors to say the least. Dr. G Srinivas, a professor from Osmania Hospital’s cardio department said, “Hardly 1-2 per cent of people are diagnosed with such chest and abdomen deformities.” Explaining the details of the case, he said that two teams of doctors, including six senior doctors, had performed the life saving procedure through a surgery in her chest and abdomen.

“The patient was diagnosed with severe mixed chest deformities. Her abdomen was in her chest, and the heart on right side. It would have casued multi functional disorder. This was a rare situation because a rare surgery called the ‘Diaphragmatic Hernia with Gastric Volvolus’ was performed. Beating all odds we performed the surgery in a span of 5 hours,” Dr. G Srinivas added. 

Post the surgery, the patient’s heart was back in its place and her also came back to its normal size. No further symptoms and complications were by the doctors. OGH Superintendent Dr. Nagender said, “A patient was admitted with complaints of pain abdomen and vomitings since 3 days. She had no previous history of any relevance and was diagnosed to have the ‘Diaphragmatic Hernia and gastric volvulous’. The patient is walking and taking food orally. She has recovered well and is ready for discharge with a follow up advice after 2 weeks.” 

The surgery was performed by Dr G. Nagender, Dr. Anil Kumar, Dr. G. Srinivas, Dr. Rani, Dr. Venkateshwara Rao, Dr. Pandu Nayak, Dr. Srinivas, and others from the two medical teams of OGH.