Oscar envelopes changed after last year’s snafu

New Delhi: Hollywood called it “Envelopegate” and promised that it wouldn’t happen again. And it didn’t.

With new practices in place, it was hard for the Oscars to repeat last year’s best picture snafu – when ‘La La Land’ was incorrectly announced as the winner.

To combat this humiliation, the Academy took a very big step toward change. They put a huge font size on the 2018 Oscars envelopes.

Another way the Academy apparently made sure celebs grabbed the correct envelope was to put the name of the category on the envelope twice: once in a small font in the center, and then again in a bigger font on the edges of the envelope.

People, of course, took to Twitter to discuss the change in font size, not letting it go without notice.

“No one’s confusing one envelope for another this year. Check out that font size,” wrote one twitterer, while another tweeted, “Omg they made the letters on the envelope so big this year to avoid another mix up hahaha #Oscars.”

For those who don’t remember last year’s mix-up, the wrong envelope for best picture was handed to Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway.

After Beatty opened the envelope onstage, he hesitated. Dunaway read out ‘La La Land,’ but ‘Moonlight’ was the real winner, only to be revealed several moments later when the mistake was acknowledged.

After the show, many people zoomed in on the envelope to figure out how did it all go down.

However, this year, no one had to blow up the envelopes to see what they said.