Organ Scam: Bangladeshi family arrested for tricking villagers over fake penis


Dhaka: A Bangladeshi family has been held in a fake genital scam that used to trick villagers making them believe that a genie had performed a sex change on their 15-year-old daughter.

After hearing this villager in southern Bangladesh, flooded to the family’s home seeking miracle cures. The family also said that the genie performed a circumcision after changing the girl’s sex.

When the police came to know about the scam they took the girl to a hospital for an examination.

The local police chief Monzur Murshed said on Wednesday that. “A doctor examined the teenager and discovered a fake penis tied to her waist.”

“The girl and her parents have set up a profitable business promising to heal people with a genie.” He said.

Murshed added. “As news spread that the girl had not only been transformed but undergone a mystical circumcision, villagers flocked to seek the genie’s intervention with their own medical woes.”

They swindled a number of people and the three will be charged with fraud and prosecuted, said the police.

Most of the people in Bangladesh believe in the existence of djinns, or genies.