Orders for Tesla Cybertruck camper system cross $50M

San Francisco:¬†Even with no Tesla Cybertruck in sight, a third-party Tesla Cybertruck camper system has received over $50 million worth of orders even though the product doesn’t even exist yet.

CyberLandr is an innovative camper/overlander for the Tesla Cybertruck that was unveiled on April 6.

“Preorders have continued at a rapid pace and already represent more than $50 million in future revenue,” the company was quoted as saying in reports.

Electrek reports that people have already started selling third-party Tesla Cybertruck accessories even though the truck is not available yet.

The report said that the project is quite ambitious since it looks to cram a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and office in an automatically deployable camper out of the Cybertruck’s bed.

The design looks interesting, but they are taking a lot of chances designing an entire product without actually having the Cybertruck in hand or even just the actual production dimensions of the electric pickup truck, which is not coming to market until at least late this year, it added.

It also shows that Cybertruck reservations holders are excited about getting the electric pickup truck and are already thinking about how they are going to use them.

Tesla is believed to have close to 1 million reservations for the Cybertruck at this point.