Opt for clogs, lighter shades of shoes in monsoon

New Delhi: From clogs and shoes with rubber soles to opting for lighter colours — get your tricks right in the monsoon season.

Bhavana Tewari, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Manager at Crocs India, and Harkirat Singh, Managing Director at Woodland Worldwide, share what one should keep in mind while choosing the right footwear in the season of unpredictable rain showers and still be fashionable:

* Footwear like clogs can be the ultimate solution for monsoon battles on road. They are known for their comfort, lightweight nature and flexibility.

* Do not gloom the season with darker shades. Pep up the look with bright and fun coloured footwear.

* A soothing breeze for sweltering feet is a must. So, open toes and vents should be on the list.

* Keep the smelly feet at bay by choosing airy material over canvas or leather. One can always choose from the water resistant and odour free range of footwear.

* Brighten up your look with flip flops, sandals, floaters and various styles of slip-ons without worrying about dirtying them in mud puddles. You can also choose peep-toes or open toes that can be more helpful to let dry your feet quickly.

* Wear shoes with rubber soles as they are water resistant and prevent water from seeping in.

* Dry them well: Once you are done removing the damp mud, dry your shoes thoroughly before placing them back in the shoe cabinet/box as the moisture will attract fungus which will again ruin it and will give off a terrible smell. So give your shoes enough time to breathe back to life.