Opposition’s no-confidence motion was futile effort: Sitharaman

New Delhi: Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Saturday said that the no-confidence motion against the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government was a futile effort by the opposition parties and they failed miserably in their approach.

Addressing a press conference, Sitharaman said, “The opposition parties went ahead with their display of frustration even in the Parliamant and called for a no-confidence motion against the government. The two conditions in bringing the no-confidence motion against the ruling party are, one, if the government has lost its majority, and, two, if the party has become a matter of worry for the public. There were no such conditions whatsoever.”

Sitharaman also took a potshot at the opposition parties by saying that they are resorting to disruptionist politics and are deceiving the citizens at large.

“Even when we won the no-trust vote in the Parliament, the opposition was in a denial mode and claimed that they never disputed our numbers in the Lok Sabha. This clears our doubt that the opposition parties are resorting to nothing but disruptionist politics and are not representing the voice of the citizens,” Sitharaman added.

Calling the grand-alliance by the opposition nothing but an eye-wash, the defence minister in her scathing attack said, “The party chief (Amit Shah) has called the Mahagatbandhan an eyewash, mirage and a lie. He said that the parties which have formed the grand alliance have already been defeated by the BJP even after 2014. The alliance will not make any difference at all.”

The Narendra Modi government on July passed the no-confidence motion moved by the Opposition with an overwhelming majority, with the government getting 325 out of a total 451 votes. Only 126 MPs voted in favour of the motion.