Opposition unity displayed once again at Rahul’s Iftar party

New Delhi: Opposition unity was once again displayed at the Iftar party hosted by the Congress. Several prominent leaders including former president Pranab Mukherjee, Pratibha Patel, former vice president Hamed Ansari, former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and others attended the party. Leaders of opposition parties also attended the party showing national integration and political power in view of the ensuing 2019 elections. Ambassadors, scholars, intellectuals, journalists, professor social workers also attended the party.

It must be noted that UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi had stopped the tradition of Iftar party, but Rahul Gandhi after becoming the party president revived the tradition. Most of the opposition leaders were made to sit on Rahul’s table so that they could have a political chat. Interestingly Rahul Gandhi offered date to Pranab Mukherjee who surrounded with the controversy after attending RSS event.