Opposition slams Modi for staying mum on Dadri killing

New Delhi: Opposition parties on Friday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his “silence” on the killing of a man in Dadri over rumours of his family having eaten beef, saying he should have condemned the incident or at least offered his condolences.

“We want to know why Narendra Modi is silent on the recent killing of a person only over rumours of consuming beef. This is nothing but spreading communal poison in the society and disrupting the fabric of the country,” Trinamool Congress MP Sultan Ahmed said in Kolkata.

“Mr. Modi keeps on speaking about each and every issue. But he stays mum on various communal incidents. He should speak up in order to stop RSS, VHP from destroying communal peace.”

AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi, who visited the family of the slain man, said Mr. Modi should have at least sent his condolences in a tweet if “he believes in pluralism and upholding of law”.

“The Prime Minister tweets on every issue, but has not said a word about the incident. He should break his silence and condemn the incident,” Congress spokesman R.P.N. Singh said.

CPI general secretary S. Sudhakar Reddy said his party is surprised at Mr. Modi’s “silence” on such “irrational and intolerant” killing of innocent people.