Opposition not consistent in backing dalit issues: BJP MP Udit Raj

New Delhi: A BJP MP today slammed opposition parties for their outcry over a dalit scholar’s suicide, saying they express solidarity with dalits only when one of them dies but do not come forward to stand for their rights.

“Why people (opposition) show their solidarity with dalits only when a dalit dies, but remain quiet when dalits stand for their rights and development? Where does their solidarity disappear then?” Opp inconsistent in backing dalit issue BJP MP and dalit leader Udit Raj asked while speaking to reporters here.

Accusing opposition parties of being selective regarding which issues to raise, he said, “This is not the only case of dalit discrimination, it happens everyday and everywhere.” We see upper caste children not having their mid-day meals with their dalit classmates and a dalit PHD scholar being harassed just because of his caste, Raj added.

On being asked if he too holds Union Ministers Smriti Irani and Bandaru Dattatreya responsible for Rohith’s death, he said, “I don’t hold anyone responsible for this unfortunate incident before any inquiry and probe has been made.” Like others, the dalit leader, said he also wants a “strict” probe into Rohith Vemula’s suicide case. “We have demanded a strict probe into the matter.

Those responsible for Rohith’s death should be punished.” Rohith who committed suicide on January 17, was among five research scholars suspended by Hyderabad Central University (HCU) in August last year and also one of the accused in the case of assault on a student leader. They were also kept out of the hostel.