Opposition leaders have mental issues: Indresh Kumar

Hardoi: Opposition leaders have mental problems and they need to visit medical centres, RSS leader Indresh Kumar
said here on Sunday while reacting to Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav’s allegation that BJP spreads hate.

“Souls and minds of Congress and other opposition parties’ leaders are filled with hate and venom that’s why they always see ‘hate’ in the BJP and the Sangh Parivar. I think they have mental problems. They need to visit medical centers,” the Muslim Rashtriya Manch patron told ANI.

Yadav on Sunday alleged that BJP has divided the people into communal lines and created a rift in the society.
“BJP has divided the country and society more than the British did. This election is for shedding the wall of hatred that has been created,” Yadav said.

Kumar also said that Opposition leaders did not get samskara from their parents and do not know to respect their elders. “They (Opposition leaders) perhaps have not got any samskara from their parents hence why they would lie and use abusive words,” Kumar responded to RLD leader Ajit Singh’s comment that Prime Minister Narendra was not taught by his parents to speak the truth.

“He (Modi) claims he never lies but he has never said a truth till date. Children are taught to speak the truth, but his parents did not teach him that,” Singh said at a rally on Wednesday.

The RSS leader also asserted that incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the for the front runner the prime minister’s post.