Opposition leader Juan Guaido returns to Venezuela

Caracas: Leader of Opposition in the Venezuelan National Assembly Juan Guaido, who was on a tour of the South American nations to gather support for his election campaign to topple the government of President Nicolas Maduro, returned to his country on Monday (local time).

Guaido took to his official Twitter account saying, “We are back home, in the streets of Venezuela! 4Mar we returned to our country to mobilize with the Venezuelan people. We remain firm and determined on our route. At this moment there is nothing to celebrate, but there is much to work for.”

“We thank the Ambassadors of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, USA, Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Romania, who accompanied our arrival in Venezuela in a demonstration of the world’s firm commitment to our democracy,” Guaido added.

The 35-year-old leader of the National Assembly took a tour the foreign countries defying a travel ban that was imposed upon him by the Supreme Court of Venezuela; breaching of the ban could have made him serve imprisonment of 30 years.

A press statement released by the US Department of State upon Guaido’s return to Venezuela read, “The United States applauds the people of Venezuela for their actions to create a peaceful democratic transition, and congratulates Interim President Juan Guaido on his successful diplomatic efforts in the region and safe return to Venezuela.”

“The United States and freedom-loving nations around the world stand with Interim President Guaido, the National Assembly, and all democratic forces as they work to establish free and fair elections that will return democracy to Venezuela.”

“We also welcome news of Venezuelan military and security service personnel doing the right thing and recognising Interim President Juan Guaido,” the Department added.

In addition to this, Washington further urged the international community to unite and push for the end of Maduro’s brutal regime and the peaceful restoration of democracy in Venezuela.

The leader had crossed the border in order to secure aid for the people of his country that was blocked by the government of President Nicolas Maduro on the Colombian borders on February 22. Maduro had said that the Venezuelans are in no need of aid being sent by the United States and its allies.