Opposition criticises petrol, diesel hike

The opposition on Saturday criticised the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Government for hiking petrol and diesel rates across the country.

“The way petrol and diesel rates have reduced in the international market is not in proportion to [the earlier reductions],” said Janata Dal (United) chief secretary K.C. Tyagi.

“The new hike is like stealing directly from public’s pocket,” he added.

Congress leader Shobha Oza termed the hike as ‘playing with the sentiments’ of the public.

“When the rate of crude oil had gone down in the international market, the government took credit for reducing rates of petrol and diesel,” she said.

Earlier in the day, the government announced a hike in petrol and diesel prices by Rs. 3.18 per litre and Rs. 3.09 per litre respectively.

The new prices will be effective from February 28 midnight. (ANI)