Opposition accused of creating hurdles to Govt

TRS member Srinivas Goud today lashed out at the Opposition parties for their “baseless and meaningless” charges against the TRS Government.

Speaking to the media in the Assembly lobby today, the TRS member was aghast at the manner in which the Opposition parties were trying to create hurdles in the efforts of the Chief Minister KCR in initiating numerous welfare and developmental measures for the benefit of all sections of the society without any caste or creed. “This only exposed the jitteriness of the Opposition parties”, he observed.

The TRS member ridiculed the Opposition for politicizing the government’s efforts to take up caste-based avocations for fishermen, shepherds, Yadavas etc. While the government was taking up various irrigation projects for the benefit of farmers, the Opposition was filing cases to stall the same. Likewise,  hurdles were being created in the execution of Palamuru-Ethipothala project. Instead of cooperating and supporting the government in its developmental activities, the Opposition was acting as stumbling blocks, he observed and warned that if this trend continued the people would give the Opposition a befitting reply. (NSS)