OPPO tests WeChat video call on 5G smartphone

Shenzhen: Chinese smartphone maker OPPO has said it successfully completed a multi-party video call on a smartphone via 5G network using WeChat, a popular social media app.

Engineers from six OPPO research and development institutes worldwide participated in the video call, the company said on Monday.

The video call was made on an OPPO R15 Pro-based 5G smartphone and lasted for more than 17 minutes on a 5G network with a bandwidth of 100 (megahertz) MHz.

Engineers operating out of OPPO’s six R&D institutes worldwide reported smooth connectivity and low latency during the video call.

For the 5G test, OPPO said it used Keysight’s UXM signalling test set and 5G New Radio (NR) network emulation solutions for protocol and radio frequency (RF) performance validation in sub-6 gigahertz frequency bands.

OPPO completed its first 5G signalling and data connections on a smartphone in August and became the first company to complete a 5G Internet access test on a smartphone in October.

The Chinese smartphone maker said it was working towards becoming the first brand to release real commercial 5G smartphones next year.