OPPO patents three smartphone designs secondary displays

Beijing: Chinese smartphone maker OPPO has patented three different smartphone designs with a secondary display.

According to the images, the smartphone maker may bring a handset with a tiny circular secondary display at the centre of a circular rear camera island and another phone with the same display is square shaped. The third smartphone may come with a larger display underneath the camera setup.

Currently, there is no word in the patents, issued by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation), about whether these screens are touch-sensitive or not.

OPPO is also reportedly working on a smart ring that can work well with smart glasses.

An insider from China reports that from the QCC Database, they found that OPPO submitted a patent for its own smart ring, and it was approved by Chinese authorities.

The smart ring is described in the patent as a wearable and it is supposed to be a fashion addition to smart glasses.

The company recently announced OPPO Air Glass, an assisted reality device. It is a glass which supports user interactions. It is also equipped with a self-developed spark micro projector.

The glass features a waveguide design inspired by the wings of Cicada, giving it a lightweight and minimalist appearance. Wave guide users can now see real time translation, health data monitoring, teleprompter and cycling navigation through a glass.

Meanwhile, OPPO has been granted a patent for a new technology that could be used in its future wearable devices.