Opinion Poll shows big win for Congress in Rajasthan

According to a channel Political Hunt, a big media house has endorsed the survey results showed by the channel a week ago. According to the channel, Hindi election.com has revealed the ground reality of Rajasthan. It says that a wave of Sachin Pilot and Congress could be seen in Rajasthan.

If the opinion poll is to be believed Sachin Pilot will win the elections in Rajasthan with thumping majority and will form Congress government. The condition of BJP which won 150 seats in previous elections is so poor, that it BJP is likely to show the exit door to its CM candidate. Vasundhara Raje is already facing corruption charges from her own people.

BJP has received a big blow in Rajasthan. According to the opinion poll, Congress may be shrunk to 30-35 seats while Congress may get 145-150 seats. Within 5 years Congress has succeeded to turn the tables on BJP.

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