Operated for hernia, Aquib forced to do sit-ups in school, goes under the knife again

Kolkata: Aquib Mullick, a class 7 student of Madrasa, who underwent surgery for hernia was forced to do 330 sit-ups by his teacher, Mithu Khan for not attending classes for a week.

According to the news reported in Hindustan Times, Aquib was studying in Madrasa in Hooghly district, about 80 km from Kolkata. He said that “I told the teacher that a surgery was performed on me for treating hernia and I won’t be able to do so many sit-ups. But he did not listen to me and forced me to do it.”

Under the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009, it has provisions which prohibit physical punishment and mental harassment.

However, when the teacher was asked about the incident, he said that “I did not know” the boy was ill. “I did not force him to do so many sit ups. I am sorry if he was hurt.”

His mother Sakina Begum said that “My son fell ill and had to be admitted to the hospital. The doctor told us that the stitches have all ruptured. He also chided us for putting the child through such arduous physical labour. I told the doctor that it was the teacher who subjected him to the ordeal.”

Aquib’s father works in Mumbai.