Opera for Android new update now allows adding sites shortcuts to home screen

Amsterdam, Sept. 23 : Opera has released a new version of its Android browser with new features.

According to The Next Web, the new version has an ‘Add to home screen’ option that the users can now add any site to the home screen.

This means the users can pin any site they have currently opened in Opera to their home screen by clicking the plus sign on the left of the address and search bar, and selecting ‘Add to home screen’ option.

The websites that are opened on HTTPS and have a special manifest like Twitter and Medium open in full-screen without the browser UI and appear as separate apps in the task switcher when opened from the home screen.

In addition, Opera now syncs Web addresses from the user’s history across desktop and mobile devices when they are signed in.

The browser also allows the users to refresh pages by flicking them downwards. (ANI)