Opening For Workshop Team Leader In Qatar

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The Role

The Workshop Team Leader is responsible for rapid and appropriate maintenance and repair of customers’ vehicles with consideration for the guidelines issued by the manufacturer; Responsible for ensuring that repair jobs are carried out completely and correctly by mechanics in accordance with guidelines and regulations; Performing regular internal quality measures; Ensuring flawless work quality by means of suitable workshop equipment, test instruments and methods; Responsible for operational and traffic safety of customers’ vehicles within the framework of the repair work to be performed; Technical support to mechanics in preparing diagnostics and performing difficult repairs; Leadership, instruction and motivation of the employees who report to him or her; Ensuring an efficient information centre for all productive staff; Carrying out technical final checks after order processing; Planning and carrying out training and further education measures for mechanics and industrial apprentices; Checking of all repair and maintenance jobs placed with third parties to ensure that the quality and deadline keeping is correct; Organising order planning based on mechanics’ qualifications, if necessary in consultation with the Service Advisor; Continuous matching of current workshop capacity with order deadlines, in consultation with the Service Advisor and Service Assistant; Responsible for workshop capacity utilization; Organisation of parts provision for mechanics; Observance and compliance with applicable repair conditions; Optimisation of workplace utilisation in the workshop; Checking that hazardous substances, waste and disposable materials are handled and stored correctly in accordance with waste disposal regulations; Conclusion of disposal contracts with appropriate companies, and checking of compliance; Monitoring of compliance with environmental and health and safety regulations; Monitoring and organisation of cleanliness and tidiness in the service area; Ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.


– Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering
– At least 5 years of experience with Mercedes – Benz experience is a must
– Certified Diagnostic Technician by Mercedes Benz
– Readiness to offer high level of commitment; Self-assuring; Positive attitude; Reassuring and friendly handling of customers; Ability to promote contact, teamwork and to motivate; Leadership qualities; Customer-oriented thinking and actions; High level of quality awareness
– Qualified motor trade expert
– Several years of practical professional experience
– Sound knowledge and experience of the entire product range
– Permanent autodidactic training
– Attendance of all relevant further education programmes offered by the manufacturer’s service training
– Driving license
– Knowledge of a foreign language would be an advantage
– Good PC/IT knowledge
– Auto line software knowledge is an added value

About the Company

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant, a Company’s growth potential is limited by its ability to attract enough of the right people” – James C. Collins in Good to Great.

As talent shortages grow more acute and online platforms are giving employees new mobility while allowing competitors to poach top performers more freely, managing people become a much higher strategic priority.

HR need to help increase revenue and productivity while lowering talent and HR costs to ensure profit margins don’t get eroded. Companies need to rethink people strategies, HR processes, organizational structures, workplace flexibility and human capital deployment.

To win the war for talent in the new era, deploying the same strategies is a sure way of losing, at JC & Partners we help Companies find total HR solutions that improves the bottom line while our diverse team remove cultural misunderstandings and inefficiencies so you can grow and expand your business more effectively by having the right talent for your business.