Opening For Performance Management Director in Qatar

TEC Group International (TGI)
Doha, Qatar

The Role
The incumbent will be responsible for formulating and developing and updating and implementing the corporate performance management framework to support Chemical & Petrochemical Marketing & distribution co. overall business strategy and objectives.

He/ she will be responsible for managing the ongoing corporate-wide performance activities and will be responsible for ensuring that practical checks and balances are in place with all directorates to ensure business excellence.

He/she will ensure that the performance measurement criteria are reflected and incorporated into the Corporate and Product business plans, budgets and strategies.

By implementing the above, the incumbent will be responsible for delivering a transformation program by identifying and implementing necessary changes to enable Chemical & Petrochemical Marketing & distribution perform to its optimum ability.

• Formulating and maintaining Chemical & Petrochemical Marketing & distribution co’s. performance management framework in consultation with Executive Director – Corporate Planning
• Create and evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for corporate performance monitoring and monitor their achievements on a regular basis.
• Lead the development of a strategic business transformation framework and planning processes to facilitate the formulation of company-wide strategies and plans, harmonizing and integrating the requirements of the departments and Producers into a cohesive and compelling strategic direction and plan.
• Develop long term strategy formulation by extracting and analyzing feedback / input from the corporate performance management.
• Act as a change agent by leading, facilitating and managing change in processes across the Company.
• Support the executives by assisting them fulfill the role of change sponsor in integrating change management activities into their project plans and providing direct support and motivation to front-line managers and supervisors to change and contribute to the success vision of the Company.
• Implement and develop integrated (covering the value chain)product strategies aligned with product verticals

• Develop and formalize the Performance Management concept and process across the organization.
• Lead the development and implementation of the company-wide Balanced Score Card.
• Roll down the company wide BSC to Directorate wise BSC in coordination with the Directorates / Departments
• Cascade corporate performance strategies, along with performance measures to Directorates and the inherent functions.
• Lead the definition and development of performance measurement setting and KPIs and ensure it cascades from the Organisation-wide balanced scorecards.
• Develop company KPIs, department KPIs, company initiatives and department initiatives to achieve those KPIs.
• Define appropriate metrics for measuring performance.
• Perform ongoing performance management activities (ie. monitoring of product directorate KPI’s as defined in the directorate strategies) and identify meaningful improvement opportunities.
• Review, challenge and support Product Pricing Guideline, Sales and Supply Chain contracts in a timely manner.
• Identify and escalate key risks in directorates.
• Manage, perform and report ongoing value realization assessment(s) for all Product verticals and Procurement.
• Manage and perform, coordinate and prepare Mu
• wide reports for sharing internally and externally with stakeholders as directed.
• Manage and perform business intelligence activities – including mining of internal performance data to identify meaningful business opportunities.
• Identify and disseminate meaningful “inter-directorate” improvement opportunities (eg. Supply chain synergies, best practice sharing, etc.).
• Manage customer and third party surveys.
• Interface with HR Department and personalize the Corporate KPI into critical success criteria for the individual performance management by advising changes to processes, systems and technology, job roles and organization structures.
• Develop and maintain bench marking processes, knowledge management processes and continuous improvement processes such as Business Process Re-engineering and proactively identify improvement activities across the Company (e.g. organizational wide projects such as the implementation of business performance management system).
• Define and manage the process for deploying and integrating new capabilities into the business in a way that is fully compatible with business operations.
• Support the delivery of the strategic intent of Chemical & Petrochemical Marketing & distribution setting up seamless process delivery interface with PEs and within Chemical & Petrochemical Marketing & distribution co.
• Influence and maintain the focus on realizing beneficial change through close engagement with Project Board members and Executive Management.
• Coordinate with IT & Finance Department for data integrity by developing tools and reporting information from single source to ensure standardized reporting and consistency across Chemical & Petrochemical Marketing & distribution co.
• Develop and implement the appropriate corporate performance management infrastructure and technologies for the company, in line with best practices, to address the needs of Chemical & Petrochemical Marketing & distribution co.
• Analyse the overall performance of the Company and identify gaps in the performance to facilitate review and identification of mitigating strategies / strategic initiatives.
• Conduct and facilitate corporate performance management reviews with leadership team on quarterly / annual basis.
• Conduct regular reviews to monitor the implementation of the approved projects at Company and Department level, assess the progress against the plan, performance objectives, and forecasts and budgets.
• Deliver consultancy advice to all departments with regards to process improvement opportunities.
• Participate in steering committee for driving projects.
• Stay abreast of current and changing trends and leading practices in corporate change management.

Perform any other tasks as directed by the Executive Director – Corporate Planning.

• Support and develop subordinates in achieving their performance target and provide guidance in managing performance by providing appropriate feedback, mentoring and counseling.
• Participates in cross-functional activities to achieve organizational objectives. Focuses time and energy to develop and direct teams.
• Allocate work to subordinates, nominate for training as per Chemical & Petrochemical Marketing & distribution co.guidelines, conduct performance reviews and manage overtime to ensure efficiency.

HSSE / RC14001 Management:
• Comply with all health, safety and environmental & security standards and procedures of Chemical & Petrochemical Marketing & distribution co.
• Supports all the initiatives on health, safety, security and environment issues and works to solve problems and make continuous improvements to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

13 – 20 years of experience in the Petrochemicals industry, of which at least 5-8 years should be in a large multinational organization and specifically involve management of similar areas of responsibility ie. Business planning, excellence and corporate performance.

Proven senior management experience in a multinational petrochemical marketing organization.
Experience in Project / Program Management, Performance Management, Change Management.

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