After open plots, land grabbers eye graveyards

After open plots, land grabbers eye graveyards
Picture Courtesy: Telangana Today

Hyderabad: Recently Telangana State Waqf Board has received complaints about encroachments at a graveyard in Chatrinaka.

Telangana Today has quoted a local corporator M A Rahman as saying “A local leader encroached around 200 square yards in the Jeelani Bee Takya graveyard at Chatrinaka. We alerted the local Waqf Board and got the encroachments removed.”

After receipt of complaint Waqf Board represented the matter with GHMC and police department, following which a team of officials from GHMC and the police inspected the area and razed the illegal structures.

Besides this, officials of the State Waqf Board received similar complaints from several parts of the city. Complaints have been received about a food joint coming up at Mughal Fakeer Takya graveyard in Shamsheer Gunj and a firewood depot coming up at a graveyard in Chatrinaka crossroads. Apart from these, Meer Mominchup Dargah and graveyard have also been encroached upon.

Graveyards in Jummerat Bazaar and Chudi Bazaar have become motor garages and stables. Chudi Bazaar graveyard has been converted into a stable for horses and camels.