Open letter to Kangana on ‘fake feminism’ stirs social media

New Delhi : An open letter to Kangana Ranaut under headline ‘An Open Letter To Kangana Ranaut: India’s Icon Of Misplaced Feminism’ created a buzz across media platforms.

With many hailing it as one of the best pieces written on the subject, the letter generated close to 5000 tweets on a Sunday evening.

The letter started off as a single piece, but soon spread across the social media platforms like wild fire, with readers in complete agreement.

The letter highlighted the point that the term “feminism” was interpreted wrong by the ‘Queen’ actress to suit her convenience.

Twitterers soon caught up with this open letter and it trended for more than four hours yesterday.

The most unusual sight with the letter was that it carried three impressions on India and it started trending simultaneously under hashtags ‘Hrithik Kangana,’ ‘#AnOpenLetterToKangana’ and ‘#FakeFeminism.’

The evening continued with various opinions being poured in; some of which were, “Arguably the most well written piece on Hrithik Kangana episode,” “”Whoever this writer is. She has my respect. Feminism is about truth and not lies,” “Barkha Dutt you should have asked her all this,” “Face the facts Kangana. Don’t hide behind fake feminism” and more. (ANI)