Open Firing On Civilians : 14 Yr Old Girl And 21 Yr Old Boy Dies In Kashmir

Open Firing On Civilians : 14 Yr Old Girl And 21 Yr Old Boy Dies In Kashmir

On July 8, The two youth were among three killed in the village after soldiers of the Indian Army who were patrolling the area opened fire on the civilians, The neighborhood was mourning the death of Khanday’s 21-year-old son, Shakir Khanday, and Alai’s 14-year-old daughter, Andlee Jan.

In a response, the army stated that the soldiers warned local residents before opening fire. According to their statement, they were attempting to move out of the area when they were “chased by an aggressive and menacing crowd of 400-500 persons which kept building up and coming dangerously close”, even as the stone pelting continued.

The army claimed that, during this time, “some unidentified terrorists also fired on the column”, which “resulted in some soldiers receiving grievous injuries. In response to this grave provocation and to ensure the security of own troops, controlled firing was resorted to by the Army which resulted in an unfortunate loss of human lives”.

However, Residents of Hawoora says the police’s counterinsurgency unit, had provoked local residents into pelting stones by throwing rocks at the tin-sheets that fence houses in the area and denied the presence of any militants in Hawoora.

Thousands of people participated on Saturday in the funerals of the three civilians as fresh protests erupted in the southern districts where hundreds took to the streets.