Only 2 Muslims allowed to offer prayer in Secunderabad Cantonment Masjid

200-year-old, Masjid Abdul Hafeez is located at Kharkhana Bazar Secunderabad Cantonment. Top military officials had issued 12 passes to musallis for daily prayers while passes were issued to 20 musallis for Friday prayers. This tradition was being practiced for years. But now only two including the imam and president Masjid Administrative Committee have been permitted to offer prayers which has created unrest among Muslims residing nearby.

According to President Administrative Committee M A Kausar Pasha, the masjid is recorded in Waqf gazette but sadly despite repeated representations, Waqf Board officials paid no heed towards the matter. On the other hand military officials have to say that to enter into the masjid it is necessary to obtain passes from AOC No 1 Training Battalion Andhra Sub Area, Bollaram. When reached there, Masjid Administrative Committee has been told that they are being issued passes but no passes were sent to them so far.

In this situation only two persons are able to offer prayers in the masjid. It must be noted that cantonment area is inhabited by 5 to 6 thousand Muslims. Administrative Committee sent letter to Chief minister, invited attention of Deputy Chief Minister besides Chief Executive Officer of Waqf Board but in vain.

Personnel belonging to Navy, Air force, MES, South Central Railway and other Central Departments and retired officers of said departments and their children offer prayers in the said masjid.

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