Online exhibition features Kalam’s dream quotes on postcards

New Delhi: To commemorate A P J Abdul Kalam’s 85th birth anniversary, an exhibition featuring ‘dream’ quotes by the former President on handwritten postcards is up for viewing online.

The interactive exhibition titled “The Spark of Resilience” has been organised by Kochi- based NGO ‘Letterfarms’ in collaboration with New-York-based ‘Handwritten’ to spread Kalam’s words across the globe.

The artworks take the audience through the journey of their inner dreams and aspirations through a collection of “hand-thought and handwritten postcards.”

“We feel honoured to be able to present our dearest Dr Kalam to the world in a manner never seen before for any other leader in the world. It shows the love and affection of an entire nation for a leader who inspired a whole generation to dream big and fly high,” says Jubie John, co-founder of LetterFarms.

The exhibits are a product of a nationwide campaign conducted last year after Kalam passed away on July 27, 2015. The movement saw people from over 200 cities of India mail in their handwritten tributes on simple postcards, which were later compiled to publish a book titled, “Dear Kalam Sir.”

The postcards have been divided into four categories: Spark, Resilience, Decision, and Take-off.

“Leaders such as Dr Kalam add wings to our inner dreams and aspirations. Their words spark our thoughts and give us the resilience to pursue our dreams against all odds.

“Powered by handwritten quotes on simple postcards, ‘The Spark of Resilience’ articulates the journey of our dreams in a step-by-step process,” says Saji Mathew, co-founder of LetterFarms.

The exhibition seeks to reach out to the youth across the world and inspire them to articulate their dreams in writing and encourage them to work towards achieving them.

“The simple power of handwritten postcards has brought together people of an entire nation to remember the beloved President. In fusing the art and act of writing by hand, we discover new ways to remember the past and imagine the future,” says Brett Rawson, Founder of Handwritten.

The exhibition which kicked off yesterday, is set to continue till the end of month and can be viewed on www.Handwrittenwork.Com