Onion prices remain high in Nashik

Prices of pink onions remained high at the Agriculture Market Produce Committees (APMC), due to shortage following untimely rains and hailstorms in the district.

Nanasaheb Patil, Chairperson of Lasalgaon APMC said that the supply of onions has been affected due to the untimely rains and hailstorms, resulting in damage of the crop.

New red onion crop comes in November-December. Hence the prices have been high, he said.

At the Lasalgaon APMC, summer onions were auctioned at Rs 3,600 per quintal on Tuesday when 9,000 quintal of said onions had arrived.

In another APMC at Pimpalgaon Basawant, only 5,000 quintal of onions have arrived for auctions which was sold at an average price of Rs 3,500 per quintal.

Average prices ranged from Rs 3,500-3,700 per quintal in APMCs at Yeola, Satana, Manmad and Nandgaon, sources said.