Onion prices likely to fall in TS

Officials in Telanagana State are expecting a fall in Onion prices within 10 days. The prices of onions are skyrocketing in Telangana and may not come down soon. But the farmers are hoping to see a fall in prices of onion as the second crop in Telangana is likely to come soon into the market.

The onions being sold for Rs 20 in Rythu Bazars were being procured with the help of open auction by Agriculture Marketing and Civil Supplies department.

As per the latest figures, in Telangana, onion is cultivated in 37,000 acres. Telangana State produced about 4.9 lakh metric tonnes of onion in 15,000 hectares.

With less production of onion in Mahbubnagar, Medak, Ranga Reddy and Nizamabad which contribute to major production of onion, the Telangana govt now had to depend on other states like Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Even in Maharashtra, the prevailing drought conditions have gradually reduced the area under onion cultivation. But the farmers in the bordering districts of Maharashtra, like Adilabad were optimistic of prices coming down.

“While the news reports are portraying a dark picture, the local farmers are predicting that the prices may come down,” says a local official of Agriculture Marketing Department.

The Andhra Pradesh government has asked the traders in Kurnool, one of the largest onion producers and a major exporter to Orissa, West Bengal and neighbouring states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, to hold back stocks for the State.