OnePlus3 owner charged 48K to repair his phone

Various cell phone manufacturers are now focussing on making phones which are water and shock resistant to target a wide range of customers, unfortunately, the majority of the phones even at the higher end still lack such features. If the phone gets soaked in water it’s most likely get your mobile phone ruined.

The aftermath is even more painful when it comes to repairing the phone. One of the customers of OnePlus 3 smartphone, regretted immediately after his phone came back from repair. The company put up a staggering bill of Rs 48000 which is actually way more than the actual price of the phone itself.

Aklank Jain, owner of OnePlus 3 recently posted a complaint on Facebook expressing his horrible experience trying to repair his phone on tagging OnePlus and Sevify, an online service that lets owners of OnePlus to share their grievances.

Jain’s colleague accidentally spilt water on his phone. Jain later tried to switch one the phone when he observed that phone is working fine but menu button is unable to function.

Servify later contacted Jain and informed that the bill is more likely to be more than the insurance claim of Rs 600, but shockingly they handed a bill of staggering Rs 48000 for a Rs 28000 handset.

The bill amounted for, Service Charge Rs 400, Tax Rs 60, Main PCB Rs 24486, Display Rs 10355, Battery Back cover Rs 9900, Headphone pCb Rs 1118, Loud Speaker Rs 763, USB FPC Rs 948, Total 48030.

There is no word from OnePlus yet to rectify the incident.