One year of AAP govt: Kejriwal talks up achievements, take potshots at previous regime

New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal attacked the previous governments, stating their “bad intentions” had left Delhi lagging behind in development whereas AAP government has fast-tracked public works with its “good intentions”.

Seeking to underscore “difference” between previous dispensations and his government, Kejriwal said the “same team of doctors and engineers”, which “did not get a chance to work” during the earlier regimes did “good job” over the past year as there are “leaders with good intentions” above them.

“All the parties which were in the government in the past, would keep saying that there is no money (for development works). But from my experience in the government during the year, I have seen there is no shortage of funds, but intentions.

“Until now, their intentions were bad. Last year, you gave a thumping majority to those with good intention (AAP) and now see, all the big works are taking place,” Kejriwal said.

The Chief Minister made the remark during a function in Jafrabad where he inaugurated Aam Aadmi Poly Clinic. The Government launched 20 such clinics simultaneously on the day, it completed a year in office.

The event was also attended by Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain and other AAP leaders.

Addressing the gathering, Kejriwal listed a number of works the AAP government did during the past year including reduction in power tariff, making water available for free, supplying water to 268 colonies in the national capital and providing “hefty” compensation of Rs 50,000 per hectare to farmers affected by untimely rainfall.

The Chief Minister said his government has saved “hefty money” in construction of flyovers, which were completed “well in advance”.

“When we saved Rs 350 crore from the flyover works, I asked the Health Minister what do we do with the money? Then we decided to offer all services within government hospitals for free,” he said.

Kejriwal also lauded the team of doctors at government-run hospitals for doing a “good job” over the past year.

BJP workers led by local corporator Satya Sharma waved black flags at the event. Taking a dig at the protesters, Jain said more the more opposition parties will protest, the more the people will come to know of the Government’s initiatives.

“We are opening 20 polyclinics today. Not all people would know about it. But due to the protest (by the opposition), more people are learning about our initiatives. “They are in power in other states, they can copy us, we have shown them the path,” he said.

He added the Government plans to launch 150 such clinics in the city. Of these, 90 are dispensaries which the Government will convert into polyclinics. “Five-six specialists will sit in polyclinics. There will be ultrasound and X-ray services in six months,” Jain said.

The Government has a proposed three-tier healthcare system. At the primary level there are Mohalla clinics for minor illnesses. The government intends to construct 1000 Mohalla clinics by December-end, Kejriwal said.