One Touch Response’s safety, immediate assistance a boon for retailers

New Delhi:: July began with excitement, anticipation and few doubts among retailers, to the Union Cabinet clearing the Model Shops and Establishments (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Bill, 2016.

The bill provides establishments employing 10 or more workers the freedom to operate 365 days a year, with flexibility in opening and closing time.

Under this Bill, women too will now be permitted work 24/7 but have to be

provided with safe transportation services and other related facilities such as creches during night schedules and ladies’ toilets for women.

One Touch Response (OTR), India’s first technology-led on-demand safety and immediate assistance service provider welcomes this directive by the central government which will undoubtedly boost business for shops and malls including, restaurants, and movie theatres and also banks, to whom this bill also applies.

This step will also boost tourism in our country, as many international tourists are used to having the convenience of visiting shops 24×7.

Additionally, the measures taken to ensure the safe transportation of workers at late night hours is well placed, more so given the alarmingly growing number of incidents of safety and security threats occurring in urban centers.

OTR believes these mandates should be backed, however, in the eventuality of an emergency, with an on-demand safety and immediate assistance service including a unified helpline, supported by quick action and immediate on-ground response, 24×7.

This is the kind of fool-proof and zero-tolerance cover that necessarily should be provided to workers who opt to work at night-shifts under this bill. This service can be provided by local authorities and buffered by service providers like One Touch Response.

“We believe the Model Shops and Establishments Bill will give a much needed impetus to the businesses of retailers and shop owners, large and small, and will contribute to local and national economy of the country,” said Chief Executive Officer One Touch Response, Manoj Chandra.

“At One Touch Response, our objective is simple, to safeguard all citizens and provide an assured quick response when they are faced with any real life situation involving personal safety. The Central Government notification gives us further reason to collaborate with retailers, cinema owners, restaurants and banks to ensure the absolute safety and security of their employees who as a result of this Bill may witness their work hours occurring at any time, night or day,” added Chandra.

One Touch Response provides First Response and Immediate Assistance Services to its customers whenever they are faced with any real life situation involving personal safety or situations where they require assistance.

OTR’s service offerings include one point contact for any situation which requires safety, protection or assistance, be it – being stranded alone, physical threats, stalking, accidents, road rage, fire, medical situations, car trouble, etc. on the Road or at home/office, dedicated mobile app for easy and simple access to the service, automatically tracks and dials the command and control centre while simultaneously sending out an alert with GPS coordinates to the nearest immediate assistance teams. It also alerts your family members automatically.

It also provides TrackME service, where we provide regular check in calls to update/ ensure your well-being, ideal for women, when they are travelling alone at odd hours. (ANI)