One held for blast in Ibrahimpatnam mandal

The Ibrahimpatnam police have arrested one Boosani Nandagopal, 47, of Amberpet in connection with two blasting cases.


Police said the accused was manufacturing organic solvents and supplying the same to various companies, who are utilizing it in the manufacture of fibre articles/goods. In 2013, the accused sent two tins to Chennai which were returned the material was not good. But the accused did not take it back. One of the tins was leaked and some lower portion of the material turned solid emanating gases.

On September 30, one empty tin was bought by a jilebi vendor Anil Kumar. On the same night at 7 pm, the tin exploded due to formation of gas injuring one person and residues of the solvents scattered. On the next day, three more persons of Seetharampet were injured. (NSS)