One God, one Prophet (PBUH) and one Muslim Ummah: Don’t create cracks

Hyderabad: Uttar Pradesh is a State where sectarian differences among the Muslims can be found in abundance. A situation is being created in UP that if the Muslims of UP get rid of the clutches of the politicians, they should certainly be entangled in the net of sectarian differences. BJP is using these weapons along with media. In order to foil a greater coalition on the lines of Bihar, BJP is assuring BSP that it would get majority so that the coalition of BSP and other secular parties is not materialized and Muslim votes fall prey to sectarian politics.


BJP is preparing a strategy keeping in view the experiences of Maharashtra, Assam and Bihar. If Muslims get united on the basis of “Kalima”, these evil designs could be checked. Those who fall prey such conspiracies are getting political patronage whereas Muslim community has hatred for them.


These are the people who have cordial relations secretly with BJP. They even appeal to the voters to cast their votes in favour of BJP. The conspiracies to divide Muslim community on the basis of trivial differences were enacted by holding “Sufi Conference” recently. For this purpose, a specific ideological group was labeled as “pro-modi”. The delegates from Telangana who attended this conference belong to a specific political group. They attended this conference after receiving instructions from the local political party. This conference was viewed as an attempt to create cracks among the Muslim Ummah. The steps taken by Maulana Tauqueer Raza Khan is being to counter the evil designs are being applauded. There are some people who are opposing him. These are the people who are effected the lesson of Sufism given by Modi.


It may be mentioned that after the demise of Maulana Asad Madani, Jamiatul Ulema faced rifts between Maulana Arshad Madani and Maulana Mahmood Asad Madani but they set aside their differences and worked for the unity of Muslim Ummah. BJP is engaged in promoting sectarian differences among the Muslim community to gain political mileage whereas Muslim political parties are also making an effort to strengthen the evil designs of BJP. In UP elections, Amit Shah is dreaming to get victory through his sycophants. The forces to spread hatred on religious basis are active to fulfill Amit Shah’s dreams.


Before UP elections, there won’t be any uproar on “Beef eating” or “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” but Muslim Ummah would be divided on the basis of Babri Masjid issue. Those people will make this as an election issue despite the fact that they have been avoiding it for long under the pretext of this case being subjudiced in the courts.


BJP is making an effort to gain power in UP by spreading hatred on “Masjid” , “Mandir” and “Maslak” issues.



–Siasat News