If one has to fear the Prime Minister, then that’s sad, says Anurag Kashyap

New delhi: Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, who has vehemently opposed “Hindu extremists” for violence on the set of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati in Jaipur, says he has grown up learning to question those that govern the country.

In a post on his official Facebook page, Kashyap says, “I have been taught to engage and question those that govern us and I have been doing that since I was a student and V.P. Singh was the PM, followed by Congress and now BJP.

I have been taught that your PM is the head of the state or country, who you can question, seek answers, argue with, but never fear him, because you chose him and he represents your well being.

“If one has to fear him then that’s sad. Respect cannot be demanded it’s commanded. It’s earned. It does not deter me from asking and engaging.”

The filmmaker, who says he has “zero political affiliation”, has spoken out in reaction to the responses he received on supporting Bhansali, who faced the ire of Karni Sena activists on his “Padmavati” set in Jaipur last week.

The row was over “distortion of historical facts” in the film, which is about Alauddin Khilji, the medieval-era Delhi ruler, who fell in love with Rajput queen Padmavati.

Kashyap was one of the first film fraternity members to speak up in favour of Bhansali, and said he was ashamed to be a Rajput himself.

He has continued to support Bhansali.

“It does not matter what you say or do, attack me physically or verbally, I will voice what I feel. You mobs don’t scare me, my voice will always rise over your screaming and shouting, I embrace my truth and I do not fear accusations,” he added.

Kashyap maintained that he has “been taught to have the liberty to utter, argue, question freely according to my conscience, and above all, liberties. And I will always take that right… I believe in my Constitution, my rights, my liberties and I will take them and exercise them when I deem fit.

So thank you for all this intense passionate love that you send my way, you are not going to stop me.”