One crore students to get subsidised wheat, rice in hostels

New Delhi [India]: The Central Government on Monday announced that they will provide 15 kg of wheat and rice per month to students in all hostels including at least two-third of students from Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes.

The decision was announced by Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan stating that the government will provide grains at Below Poverty Line (BPL) rate which is Rs. 4.15 per kg for wheat and Rs 5.65 per kg for rice.

“In all other hostels, be it government or private, where two-third students are from SC, ST, OBC and OBC among minorities, 15 kg of wheat or rice will be provided per student per month at BPL rates,” Paswan told reporters here.

Paswan further noted that in such hostels, even students belonging to the general category would get subsidised grains.

“The Centre will bear the entire cost of the scheme. It is estimated that one crore students would benefit from this scheme,” Paswan said.

“As of now wheat and rice has been included in this scheme, as per requirement milk and eggs can also be considered in future,” he added. (ANI)