OMG! single tooth brush for 49 children at govt-run homes

Revealing the horrific picture of the government-funded home for disabled children Chief Justice of India HL Dattu of the new National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) says 49 disabled children were sharing a single toothbrush.

The picture come to light when the former commissioner decided to inspect the government-run homes for disabled children, where he saw 49 children using a single toothbrush and had just one tube of toothpaste.

The Times of India quoted him as saying: “It is not important to say in which state I saw 49 children using one toothbrush as that is the condition in most government-aided or government-run homes housing disabled children, who are the most neglected lot.

Dattu said he has witnessed the sad conditions at various old-age homes and government run facilities.
After his retirement as the CJI in December and before his appointment as NHRC chairperson in February, Justice Dattu spent time in old-age homes near Bengaluru almost every day.

“There is no dearth of government grant for upkeep of facilities at the homes for disabled and senior citizens. We need to stop the pilferage of money, and [instead] use it to improve the basic facilities for them,” he said.

Justice Dattu has always been a champion of human rights and children’s welfare. “It will be one of the happiest moments in my life if the NHRC makes a difference to the living conditions in old-age homes and the homes for disabled children,” he said. The Centre, under Deendayal Rehabilitation Scheme, gives aid to 421 NGOs which run 502 projects, including special and residential schools for physically challenged.