Omer Jaleel takes charge as first Competent Authority of WB

Syed Omer Jaleel took charge as the first Competent Authority of Telangana Waqf Board. He reached Hajj House on Friday and assumed office. He said, protection of Waqf property and training of officials will be his priorities. He would issue orders regarding appointment of Mohammed Asadullah as Chief Executive Officer on Monday. Omer Jaleel, who had been closely observing the performance of Waqf Board as Secretary Minority Welfare, told that if needed he would review all the decisions taken in Telangana after the division of Andhra Pradesh Waqf Board from September 8.

It must be noted that Govt. of Telangana dissolved A.P. Waqf Board and formed separate Waqf Board for Telangana State. Central Govt. had issued a notification on 8th September dissolving A.P. State Waqf Board. Consequent on the appointment of Mr. Omer Jaleel, Mr. Mohammed Jalaluddin Akbar has been relieved of his additional responsibilities. He was functioning as Special Officer of A.P. Waqf Board and competent authority.

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