Ombudsman will decide fate of HCA Secretary: Vivek

Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) president G Vivek Venkatswamy has said they were running the HCA with the money coming fromIndia Premier League (IPL) matches and the Cricket Control Board of India (BCCI) didn’t give a single rupee.
Speaking to the media here on Tuesday after the BCCI’s Ombudsman Meeting, Vivek said the Ombudsman discussed on the suspension of HCA Secretary Shesh Narayan’s future. He said Ombudsman Justice Narsimha Reddy would decide the fate of Shesh Narayana. The verdict on Shesh Narayan will be delivered on January 20. Vivek said Shesh Narayan was his good friend and every day he calls at him 11 pm.

Reacting to former skipper Mohammed Azaharuddin, Vivek said the former failed to show his National Cricket Club Card and not even mentioned his name as vice-president in records and hence HCA didn’t allow him to the meeting. Making it clear that the HCA was ready to utilize Mohammed Azaharuddin’s services, Vivek said they requested Azaharuddin to explain problems in the cricket.

It may be mentioned here that Azaharuddin alleged that those who didn’t know ABCDs in cricket were enjoying president’s post of HCA. Vivek said HCA was implementing Justice Lodha Committee and Supreme Court directions perfectly with regard to Cricket Committees. He said the funds of BCCI were not coming to the HCA and were running the HCA with the money coming through IPL matches. He also said they have no differences with the Telangana Cricket Association (TCA) and informed that anybody can run the cricket associations but BCCI made it clear that it will not entertain the competent associations against HCA. (NSS)