Omar, Mehbooba’s war of words on social media

Srinagar: Former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti and National Conference leader Omar Abdullah on Tuesday entered into a war of words on social media over the post of the Deputy Chairman in the Rajya Sabha which is scheduled to be held on August 9.

Taking to Twitter, Omar Abdullah questioned Mehbooba as to how she could claim to support both the Congress as well as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) simultaneously for the post of Deputy Chairman in the Rajya Sabha.
“@MehboobaMufti has told the Congress she will support the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) candidate for Rajya Sabha Vice Chairman. She’s also told the BJP she will support the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) candidate. How does that work exactly?” Abdullah tweeted.

In a quick response, Mehbooba snubbed Abdullah accusing him of fabricating stories based on pure fiction. She said usually fake news and falsehoods were peddled by dubious news channels but it was baffling when politicians like Omar Abdullah fabricate stories based on pure fiction.

“Usually fake news and falsehoods are peddled by dubious news channels. But it’s baffling when a politician like @OmarAbdullah fabricates stories based on pure fiction. Such dangerous propaganda is detrimental to the truth & an attempt to mislead people,” Mehbooba tweeted. She also replied to Omar Abdullah’s Tweet with an emoji (long-nosed), that signifies a lying face.

The buck didn’t stop there. Soon Abdullah teased her back saying the person handling Mehbooba’s official Twitter account have a great sense of humour. “Hats off to whoever operates your account for you. They actually have a sense of humour. Nice emoji use”, Abdullah tweeted again.

The spat continued as Mehbooba was in no mood to give up. She attacked him back the second time while asserting that she herself handled her tweets and Abdullah should give a compliment where it was due. “Again fake news ! ??????. Give a compliment where its due Omar,” Mehbooba replied. (ANI)