Oman: This rule can create problems for unmarried expats

Muscat: Unmarried expats in Oman may face problems as Muscat Municipality decided to implement article 31 of Local Order No. 23/92. Municipality gave three days time to follow it.

According to the report published in Times of Oman, unmarried workers who are residing in residential areas should get registered with the Municipality within three days. If they fail to do so, they will face eviction.

Muscat Municipality authorities also decided to give three days time to house owners to evacuate premises of single residents.

It may be mentioned that article 31 of Local Order No. 23/92 bans the housing of workers in residential areas. Municipality authorities were planning special housing complexes for single expatriates in Bausher, Amerat, and Mabella.

Earlier, Ministry of Manpower (MoM), Oman imposed a temporary ban on “expat visas” for 87 job roles.

According to the report published in Times of Oman, the period of the ban is six-month. Mr. Abdullah bin Nasser Al Bakri, Minister of Manpower issued decree 2018/38 to impose the ban.

The list of job roles as reported by Times of Oman are as follows:

  1. Information Security Specialist
  2. Geographic Information System Specialist
  3. Electronic Computer Networks
  4. Programmed Machines Maintenance – Electronic
  5. Electronic Calculator Maintenance
  6. Graphic Designer
  7. Electronic Surveillance – Equipment Assembly
  8. Electronics Technician – Telecom
  9. Electronics Technician – Control Instrument
  10. Electronic Technician – Medical Equipment
  11. Electronics Technician Broadcast
  12. Electronic Technician – Programmed Machines
  13. Electronic Technician – Computer Networks
  14. Computer Programmer
  15. Computer Engineer
  16. Computer operator
  17. Bank Notes and Money changer
  18. Bank notes technician
  19. Account Auditing technician
  20. General accounting technician
  21. Cost account technician
  22. Costs accountant
  23. Insurance collector
  24. Sales specialist
  25. Storekeeper
  26. Commercial agent
  27. Commercial manager
  28. Procurement logistics specialist
  29. Business Administration Specialist
  30. Public Relation Specialist
  31. Human Resources Specialist
  32. Administrative Director
  33. Insurance Agent General
  34. Real Estate Insurance Agent
  35. Cargo Insurance Agent
  36. Life Insurance Agent
  37. Vehicle Insurance Agent
  38. Factory Insurance Agent
  39. Media Specialist
  40. Page Maker
  41. Paper Pulp Machine Operator
  42. Bookbinding Machine Operator
  43. Decorative Books Operator
  44. Calendar Operator
  45. Paper Dyeing Machine Operators
  46. Bill Printing Machine Operator
  47. Cylinder Press Operator
  48. Rotating Press Operator
  49. Offset Printing Machine Operator
  50. Color Press Operator
  51. Palnographic Press Operator
  52. Paper Folder Machine Operator
  53. Paper Coating Machine Operator
  54. Advertising Agent
  55. Male Nurse
  56. Pharmacist Assistant
  57. Medical Coordinator
  58. Aviation Guiding Officer
  59. Ground Steward
  60. Ticket controller
  61. Airplane takeoff Supervisor
  62. Air traffic controller
  63. Aircraft Landing supervisor
  64. Passenger Transport supervisor
  65. Land Guide
  66. Architect
  67. General Survey Engineer
  68. Civil Engineer
  69. Electronic Engineer
  70. Electronics Engineer
  71. Mechanical Engineer
  72. Projects Engineers
  73. Building Technician/Building Controller
  74. Electronic Technician
  75. Road Technician/Road Controller
  76. Mechanical Technician
  77. Soil Mechanics Laboratory Technician
  78. Steam Turbine Technician
  79. Construction materials lab technician
  80. Gas Network Extension Technician
  81. Construction Technician
  82. Transformer Technician
  83. Station Technician
  84. Electrical Technician
  85. Heat Operations Technician
  86. Maintenance Technician
  87. Chemical Technician

It is also reported that the ban can be extended beyond 6 months.

It may be noted that this ban was imposed due to increase in expatriate workers in these 87 job roles.