Oman revises minimum salary requirement for expats to bring families

Muscat: Government of Oman made an amendment in the minimum salary requirement for an expatriate to bring their families.

According to the news published in Times of Oman, expats who are earning a minimum of OMR 300 can now bring their families.

It may be mentioned that earlier, this requirement was OMR 600 per month.

It is also reported that Sultan bin Majid Al Abri, Shura Council Member tweeted, “The visa condition for family members joining an expatriate employee has been amended from a minimum salary of OMR600 to OMR300”.

In an interview, Al Abri said that the decision was made after the recommendation of Shura Council. He also said that this step will be a benefit for the local economy and will give a boost to real estate, insurance and other sectors.