Old Hyderabad will not receive land parcels for GHMC’s model markets

HYDERABAD: GHMC, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, which extends the Old city and the sections of Rajendra Nagar, which is constructing the sanctioned models, is finding it hard to identify the suitable land parcels.

According to Times of India, model markets is the project by KT Rama Rao, minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development, it’s the 100 day action plan in which the markets are constructed to make the roads better and protection to land parcels are given.

MA Akram, RTI activist, given a data these models were sanctioned on March 3, 2015, south zone close to the Midhani, Lalithabagh, in Barkas near Peeli Dargah, in Attapur near Aram Ghar Crossroads and in Saidabad at the LIC bus stop.

An official from GHMC, who wants to be anonymous said, “While some markets such as those in Rajendra Nagar and the one near Peeli Dargah are complete and are awaiting inauguration, we are unable to find more space to construct others. We are scouting for locations which are on the main roads or at least close to the main roads so that there can be greater footfall. But the exercise is proving to be difficult for us.”

“While it is true that we are finding it difficult to locate lands for construction of other model markets which have been sanctioned, the problem can be handled. In fact, we have already auctioned eight shops at the Rajendra Nagar only yesterday and the other eight are in the process of being auctioned,” he added.

According to the data, the construction of some of these markets the amount spent is over 93 lakh. The zonal commissioner (south), Srinivas Rao said that for the south zone they received 10 model markets out of which some are in progress and some got completed