Old city lags behind new city in development

In terms of development and developmental activities old city is lagging far behind new city. Development activities in old city are recorded less compared to new city during recent days. It shows that MLAs of old city used less funds for development activities.

Lok Satta has released a report regarding development works by MLAs in GHMC limits. The report revealed that MLAs of new city used their funds for developmental activities in their area more than the MLAs of old city. Although the MLAs which showed interest in development of their areas in new city also belonged to the same party, however the difference between the developmental activities in old city and new cities areas raises the question whether old city is deliberately ignored?

According to Lok Satta Party leader, state government allocated Rs. 1.5 Cr to each MLA for the first year. However the members did not show any interest in release of funds also. It is surprising to note that MLAs belonging to same party showed interest in development of new city while the MLAs belonging to the same party showed disinterest in development of old city areas. The question arises, is it a deliberate move to keep old city underdeveloped?

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