OGH issue: local party’s support emboldened CM

Sources close to Chief Minister told that Chief Minister has told that no force could stop him from demolishing the Osmania General Hospital. He claims that though Osmania Hospital is a heritage building there is no other option except dismantling due to its precariousness. Sources said that when opposed by some corners chief minister expressed anger over them. Sources said chief minister expressed anger over a minister’s controversial remark over Charminar demolishing. He directed ministers to avoid controversial remarks. It is said that some ministers in the state cabinet are not in favour of demolition they argue that with this decision government may lose minority support in the state. The ministers opposing demolition feel that government should ensure protection of the edifice through repair and renovation.

According to sources close to chief minister local political party of the city has supported the decision covertly; this is the reason that Chief Minister is optimistic of implementing his plan without any obstruction. It is said that local political party has assured Chief Minister that it would not oppose chief minister on this issue. This is the reason that the party has not raised its voice after chief minister’s announcement.

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